Mental Health

The Student Minds Network :
National Campaign on Student Mental Health in Switzerland

The Student Minds Network serves as a national network of student and youth organisations that advocate for the mental health of students. The aim is to strengthen and protect the mental health of students and to de-taboo and destigmatise the topic in higher education and in society.

Why is the network needed ?

The survey on the social and economic situation of students by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) shows that 23% of students suffer from moderate to severe depression. Next to chronic illnesses, mental health problems are the second most common health problem among students. This shows that students make up a vulnerable group when it comes to mental stress. It is time to act and this network aims to support and promote student mental health initiatives.

Our Vision

Students in Switzerland can study in a regenerative environment free from stigma and discrimination and maintain and nurture their mental health.

Network goals

  • The Student Minds Network advocates for student mental health on a national level with policy makers, higher education institutions, the media and other stakeholders.
  • The Student Minds Network forms a national network of student associations that deal with the issue and promotes active exchange among its members.
  • The public debate on the topic is conducted in a way that destigmatises and removes taboos.
  • The problems surrounding the mental health situation of students have been identified, preventive solutions have been defined and are being demanded.


Current situation on student mental health

In autumn 2021, the predecessor project “Student Minds Project” conducted a national survey on the mental health of students. Almost 3,000 students took part in the survey. The first selected results can be viewed here. In addition, in May 2023, the VSS Delegates’ Assembly adopted a resolution summarising the current situation and the demands towards universities, cantons and the federal government.


Workshop: “Tracks to a sustainable and healthy committee culturestudent engagement without burning out”  

Students who are involved in a student organisation alongside their studies and employment are often exposed to multiple burdens that can have a negative impact on their well-being. The high pressure on individual shoulders in turn influences the mood in the team and can lead to friction among the committed students. We have created the following workshop to prevent such situations and prevent dedicated students from burning out. Over the course of an afternoon, we want to discuss what a healthy and sustainable committee culture can look like. We also want to develop concrete tools that committed students can then take back to their organisation. After all, in order to make a lasting impact, involvement in a student organisation should also be fun and increase the well-being of those involved.     

Target Group: The workshop is primarily aimed at students who are involved in a leadership position in a student organisation. These can be board members, council presidents or team members of a smaller organisation or student council. The aim is for one or two people per team to take part in the workshop and then take the content back to their own committee  


  • The workshop will take place on 18 October 2024 at the VSS office at Monbijoustrasse 30, Bern 3011.   
  • We will meet at 13:15 and will be through with the programme at around 17:00.   
  • Afterwards there will be an aperitif for those who would like to sit together for a while. Snacks and drinks will be available during the workshop 
  • Participation and the aperitif are free of charge, but the student organisation will have to pay for travel costs 


Registration: Please register by 11 October 2024. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us:   

Datenbasis Beratungsstellen

Dieses Projekt bietet keine direkte psychologische Unterstützung. Du möchtest sofort mit jemandem sprechen? Dann melde dich hier bei Tel. 143.

Du möchtest selbstständig eine psychiatrische Fachperson finden:

  • Psychiater und Psychotherapeuten: Hier findest du eine Übersicht über mögliche Therapeuten, geordnet nach Kantonen.
  • Psychiatrische Klinik: Suchst du eine psychiatrische Klinik in deiner Region, dann findest du auf der offiziellen Website des Bundesamtes für Gesundheit alle wichtigen Adressen.
  • Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrischer Dienst in deiner Region.

Du brauchst weitere Informationen für dich selbst:

  • – Auf dieser Informations- und Austauschplattform findest du Antworten zu verschiedenen Themen wie psychische Gesundheit, Job, Sucht, Konflikte und Stress.
  • Für die Deutschschweiz: wie gehts dir?
  • Für die Romandie & Tessin: Psy-Gesundheit.
  • – Hast du Fragen zum Thema Sucht, dann findest du hier Online-Beratung (Email und Chat) und Selbsttests zum eigenen Suchtpotential.
  • – Auf dieser deutschsprachigen Beratungsplattform beantworten Fachleute deine Lebens- und Alltagsfragen schriftlich innerhalb von maximal drei Arbeitstagen.

Contact for further information

Seraina Campell (, Project leadership Student Minds Network