Yes to the Grant Initiative – Students: Indirect Counter-Proposal not Satisfying

Press release of VSS-UNES-USU from the 14.12.2014Today, the General Assembly of the Swiss Students’ Union VSS-UNES-USU decided, without opposition, to not withdraw its Grant Initiative. The initiative demands that the 26 cantonal grant schemes be harmonized. Today, they are very different from each other, and in effect, every canton has its own, distinct rules in […]

Lea Meister Elected Member of ESU’s Executive Committee

Press release of VSS-UNES-USU, 03.05.2014 Yesterday night, the Board of the European Students’ Union ESU elected VSS-UNES-USU’s EC member Lea Meister to its own EC. The Swiss Students’ Union full-heartedly congratulates Lea. We are sure that ESU will profit from her vast and unique experience. Since last autumn, Lea is a member of VSS’ executive […]