Social Commission (SoKo)

The SoKo is the social commission of the VSS. It addresses current social issues and works on them intensively.

Introducing the SoKo

News and collaboration in the SoKo

The SoKo is currently focussing on the internship situation in Switzerland. The aim is to raise students’ awareness of their rights in order to improve internship conditions for students and graduates. A campaign has been developed. Do you have any questions? Would you like to get involved in the commission? Then get in touch with the SoKo commission management right away.

Housing for students

It is becoming increasingly difficult for students in certain cities in Switzerland to find an affordable flat or a room in a shared flat. The VSS is concerned about the housing situation for students. The SoKo has therefore drawn up a survey to determine the extent of the problem. The survey closed on March 2022.

Annual goals SoKo

Head of the commission

From 1 August 2023, the SoKo is being chaired jointly by Franck William and Macarena Picazo Mora.