Commission for equality (CodEg)

The CodEg is the gender equality commission of the VSS. It sees itself as a commission for achieving and maintaining the formal and actual equality of all genders and the LGBTQIA+ community at Swiss universities. The CodEg is a contact point and platform for promoting exchanges between organisations and commissions on the same topic in the Swiss higher education landscape. It is committed to equality within the VSS and to promote and raise awareness of this within the sections.

Introducing the CodEg

News and collaboration in the CodEg

The CodEg is currently working on the creation of an information platform that will provide an overview of contact and advice centres at universities that offer help in the event of sexual harassment. The commission is also working on a resolution entitled “From the promotion of women* to equality”. Do you have any questions? Do you want to get involved in the commission? Then get in touch with the CodEg commission head right away.

Head of the commission

The Commission is currently chaired by Lina Ngoy.