Commission for Higher Education Politics (HopoKo)

The HopoKo of the VSS deals with topics that are currently relevant or should become relevant in the context of education policy. The HopoKo functions as a think tank for the union by analysing the topics and identifying the resulting problems in order to then formulate and introduce student demands and concerns.

In terms of content, the HopoKo differs from the other thematic commissions of the VSS such as the SoKo (social matters), the CodEg (gender-specific matters) and the SOLIC (international matters), but cooperation is important in order to utilise their specific knowledge and create synergies.

Introducing the HopoKo

News and collaboration in the HopoKo

The HopoKo is currently working on an analysis paper on the scholarship situation in Switzerland.Do you have any questions? Do you want to get involved in the commission? Then get in touch with the HopoKo commission head right away.

Head of the commission

The Commission is currently chaired by Lara Flückiger and Tim Röthlisberger.