Solidarité avec les étudiant-e-s de l’Ukraine

Two weeks have passed since peaceful protesters at Kyiv EuroMaidan were attacked
by the special police department “Berkut” during the nights of 29 November to 30
November 2013. However, the government and prosecutor’s office of Ukraine have
not performed any actions in order to identify and bring to the court the ones
responsible for attacking and harming protesters.
Moreover, victims of thesukrainee attacks are being threatened and blamed in violent actions
against police. Numerous court cases were opened against protesters, including
students. Furthermore, leadership of higher educational institutions in Ukraine
continues to intimidate students who are active in demonstrations.
Therefore, VSS-UNES-USU stands in solidarity with Ukrainian students and supports
their demands to stop faking cases against participants of peaceful protests, and free
illegally prisoned students, and to bring criminal charges on those who made and
executed the decision to use violence against people at Kyiv EuroMaidan on
November, 30.
We call upon the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich and its government to
listen to students demands and to fulfill them. The Ukrainian government has to act in
accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights, and ensure fare
jurisdiction in the country.